Veganuary: Healthy For Me, The Planet, Or Neither Of Us?

Over Christmas, I practically bathed in butter. Every day I gobbled sausages, cheese, hot chocolate and crispy roast potatoes cooked in beef dripping, wolfing it all down in a kind of frenzied panic because — hey — it’s Christmas, for fuck’s sake, and it won’t last forever. Except it can last forever, quite easily, unlessContinue reading “Veganuary: Healthy For Me, The Planet, Or Neither Of Us?”

Gym People – The Terrible, The Bad and The Supremely Irritating

Are you thinking of joining a gym? Are you a member of a gym but never bother going? Or are you, like me, quite enamoured by the idea of the gym, but completely disillusioned by the reality? Forget the fact that physical activity in practice is not a Rocky montage, and unfortunately does actually take up loadsContinue reading “Gym People – The Terrible, The Bad and The Supremely Irritating”

This Damn Time of Year

Over the past few years, I have been conducting case studies. Well, they’re not really case studies. Not in the literal sense; they have almost zero scientific value and aren’t about to be published in any high-impact journals. But still. They’re worth something, in my mind. I’ve been observing people around me at different times of theContinue reading “This Damn Time of Year”

Body Positivity And The Women Living It

The other week, I was having one of my pre-shower body scans (you know the ones, when you stand in front of the mirror gazing at your nakedness and identifying all of the unsavoury parts until the mirror steams up so much that – sigh – thank god, it’s gone) when I had a thought.Continue reading “Body Positivity And The Women Living It”

Why Are All The Terrible People At The Airport When I Am?

In one of his plays, Jean Paul Sartre said that “hell is other people”. I know, as surely as I know my own little finger, that Jean Paul Sartre was musing on airports. There is something about an airport security queue, or a long, panicked walk to the correct terminal, that seems to bring outContinue reading “Why Are All The Terrible People At The Airport When I Am?”

Being out on submission…

Back in December, when I had finished a round of edits with my agent and was desperately trying to fill the waiting void and prevent myself from becoming a pestering nuisance/psychopath, I wrote about my agent-finding journey. The post went down well, and people seemed to appreciate the tiny sliver of insight I could provide intoContinue reading “Being out on submission…”

My Agent-Finding Journey

Before I started querying agents, I read up on everything anyone had ever written on the subject. Stories from successful authors, articles written by agents themselves and blog posts from writers who’d just landed their dream representative. It was addictive. But it was also really, really inconsistent. Nobody’s journey seemed to be the same! NoContinue reading “My Agent-Finding Journey”